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Refund Policy for Document Preparation Services:

100% GuaranteeYou may request a 100% refund if your documents are not accepted by a court in Florida. If your documents are not accepted, we require that you provide the information from the Court as to what the reason is that the documents were not accepted (on the rare occasion this happens, the Court usually provides a letter or form with reasons as to why the documents aren’t accepted). We will use that information to try and fix the problem. If we can’t fix the problem, we will refund your purchase price.

We cannot control the outcome of your case. If your legal action becomes contested and/or complicated for any reason, the pleadings we prepare for you MAY not work. We will not grant you a refund under these circumstances.

Please note: The legal documents offered from our sites are intended to be prepared and filed in the near future, within thirty (30) days. Changes in laws and document guidelines can make older documents obsolete or unacceptable for courts. These types of changes can be adopted by courts at any time. As such, your prepared documents must be filed within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. If for any reason your prepared forms are rejected and you did not file your documents within this time frame, there will be no refunds.

There will be NO refunds after six (6) months from ordering date.

Each of our services are occasionally temporarily unavailable while we conduct reviews and updates. This is necessary due to ever-changing laws and regulations. Sometimes a document service will be made indefinitely unavailable due to poor customer feedback or by decision of our corporate officers. In the event that an extended period of time passes between the date of original purchase and the date of questionnaire submission, and during this time the originally purchased product or service is discontinued indefinitely, we reserve the right to immediately cancel your order and notify you promptly. Upon your acknowledgement that your order will not be filled, we will issue a full refund.