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About Us

About JusticeXpress –  A Legal Document Preparation Services Company for Florida Residents.


A society where all people can access the legal system and resolve their legal problems.  JusticeXpress, LLC., is a Florida based company committed to the ideal of helping Florida residents solve their legal problems at a price they can afford.


To provide legal information, tools, legal applications, and forms to simplify the law so that all people can resolve their legal problems.  We strive to present legal information in an easy to understand format and back up our legal information guides with legal information services from a person. We do not provide legal advice.


Our primary focus are consumers and small business who represent themselves in legal matters. We provide tools and services to enable them to take action. According to the national Legal Services Corporation (LSC), for every legal aid attorney in the US, there are 6,415 low-income Americans who qualify for and need civil legal assistance. Additionally, LSC reports that 40%- 60% of middle-income Americans cannot afford counsel for basic civil legal problems. That means a majority of Americans are unable to properly address issues that affect their housing, medical care, disability access, veterans? benefits, domestic violence, employment and even the custody of their children  The cost of an attorney is just too high. However, not every legal transaction requires an attorney.
Very often if you the correct legal information you can represent yourself. Automated legal forms make it easy to generate complex legal forms.


We offer free legal information and legal document preparation services for an affordable price for Florida residents powered by our SmartForms technology. We offer our services online throughout the State of Florida and in-person at our offices in Palm Beach County and Port St. Lucie county. Our SmartForms technology results in fast, efficient, and low cost affordable services without the high cost of a lawyer.

Our SmartForms system means you can complete your legal forms online by answering simple questions on your computer without ever having to leave your home or office.

Our team has operated legal document websites since 2001 and helped thousands of consumers save on legal fees using our SmartForms technology.

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You can reach us by email, telephone, text – or communicate with us directly through your secure MyLegalAffairs account.

Our customer help line is: 772- 924- 3280 and you can use this form to contact us directly. about your order. Our FAx Number is: 772-924-3281

You can also check on the status of your order at anytime by logging on to your MyLegalAffairs account and  checking your Communications tab.

You can meet with a member of our Legal Technician Team in person at either our Port St, Lucie Office or Palm Beach Gardens Office by making an appointment. To request an appointment click here.



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Our Services

We offer a broad range of legal document preparation services from Divorce to Wills and Living Trusts to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, We also offer notary services at our offices, or your home or office.
Have a legal question? Try our innovative Free Legal Navigator Service.
We are not a law firm and cannot give legal advice, but we can answer your legal information questions and we do it for free.
See the  complete list of legal document preparation services we offer here.


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  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Refund Policy
  • Delivery Guarantee. Once we receive all of your information you will receive your legal forms within 48 hours or two business days. Some our services are set up for delivery in one business day or 24 hours.JusticeXpress Secure Transactions SSL SecureSafe Shopping Guarantee –  Online credit card purchase made on JusticeXpress are done so through our secure server, using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the most advanced encryption technology available, to transmit your request, Our secure server software, together with your browser, strongly encrypts all of your personal information – including credit card number, name, expiration date, and zip code – so that it cannot be read by anyone else over the internet. The encryption process converts the characters you enter into coded data that is then stored in its encrypted form for maximum safety.We do not store your payment information. It is passed through to your credit card bank by an encrypted credit card gateway and not retained by us.



    Your privacy is important to us.  JusticeXpress  never shares your information with anyone. We  uses the information you give strictly for preparing your documents as described in our privacy policy.


Our Story

Richard S. GranatI started JusticeXpress as a Florida-based company for Florida’s residents who are seeking a low cost way to solve their legal problems. Throughout my career I have been passionate about the idea that everyone should have access to the legal system, no matter what their income level.

I am a licensed attorney in the State of Maryland, but not in Florida where I live. Thus, JusticeXpress is not a law firm but a legal information services company dedicated to the developing new alternative methods of solving one’s legal problems without paying high legal fees. In Maryland I created the People’s Law Library of Maryland, now operated by the Maryland Court system,  to provide Maryland’s residents with a statewide legal information website. Now that I live in Florida, I thought that Florida’s residents could benefit from the same concept. In fact, Florida has had a statewide legal information web site since 2002, but it is limited in scope as it is more focused on the problems of low income individuals and the number of interactive forms available is also limited.

At this website, you will find free legal resources as well as legal forms and documents all for an affordable and low price. You will find information and advice on how to eliminate the cost of legal fees in resolving your legal problems or to keep legal fees low and at a level that you can afford.

Florida consumers look to JusticeXpress for low cost innovative solutions to common legal problems and needs. If you have a legal task but don’t know what to do, we can help. Our Free Legal Navigator Service can point you to resources, tools, and forms.

We are not a law firm and cannot give you legal advice, but we can prepare your legal forms and documents from information you provide using our online questionnaires powered by our proprietary SmartForms technology technology.

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Register to create your account. Fill in our easy, step-by-step online questionnaire. Try it for Free. We will review it and upload your finished document to your secure account and also mail you a copy.






Our JusticeXpress secure, online technology gives you access to your legal files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can store your signed copies in your personal and secure MyLegalAffairs account indefinitely and download your forms to your computer. REGISTER HERE.

Guided Telephone Interviews: We also offer Guided Telephone Interviews by voice, or video call using Facetime or Skype as an alternative to collecting your information online. We make appointment with you for a phone call and guide you through question by question to secure all of the information we need to assemble your legal documents. We can take your credit card information over the phone when you select this option. The price of our services is the same as the online service. Make an Appointment Here

You can also make an appointment to meet in our offices in Port St. Lucie or Palm Beach Gardens for a face-to-face guided interview. Make an Appointment Here.