Our Story

Richard S. GranatI started JusticeXpress as a Florida-based company for Florida residents who are seeking a low-cost way to solve their legal problems. Throughout my career I have been passionate about the idea that everyone should have access to the legal system, no matter what their income level.

I am a licensed attorney in the State of Maryland, but not in Florida where I live. Thus, JusticeXpress is not a law firm but a legal solutions company dedicated to the developing, new, alternative methods of solving one’s legal problems powered by software.

In Maryland, I created the People’s Law Library of Maryland, now operated by the Maryland Court system, to provide Maryland residents with a statewide legal information website. Now that I live in Florida, I thought that Florida’s residents could benefit from the same concept. In fact, Florida has had a statewide legal information web site since 2002, but it is limited in scope as it is more focused on the problems of low income individuals, and the number of interactive forms available is also limited.

Within this website, you will find free legal resources as well as legal forms and documents, all for an affordable and low price, plus free applications that you can use to solve your legal problems or help point you in the right direction.  You will find information and advice on how to eliminate the cost of legal fees in resolving your legal problems or to keep legal fees low and at a level that you can afford.

Florida consumers look to JusticeXpress for low-cost, innovative solutions to common legal problems and needs. If you have a legal task but don’t know what to do, we can help. Our Free Legal Navigator Service can point you to resources, tools, and forms.

We are not a law firm and cannot give you legal advice. If you need a lawyer for legal advice, check out our Legal Resources in Florida page and the new JusticeXpress Network of lawyers who offer limited legal services for a flat fee. Our goal is to build a state-wide network of lawyers who offer legal services for a flat fee, rather than bill on an hourly rate. There are a growing number of law firms that offer flat fee legal services and we hope to identify and list them in our Directory to make them easy to access.