JusticeXpress- a Legal Solutions Company for Florida's Residents

About JusticeXpress –  Low Cost Legal Solutions for Florida Residents.


A society where all people can access the legal system and resolve their legal problems.  JusticeXpress, L.L.C., is a Florida-based company committed to the ideal of helping Florida residents solve their legal problems at a price they can afford.


We provide software-powered legal solutions to help people solve their legal problems. We are not a law firm and do not provide traditional legal services. We provide legal information, tools, legal applications, automated legal forms supported by document preparation services, to simplify the law so that people can resolve their legal problems at low cost.  We do not provide legal advice. If you need a lawyer we can help you find one that charges fixed and affordable fees.


JusticeXpress, L.L.C., based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.,  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JusticeXpress, Inc., P.B.C., a Public Benefit Corporation with the goal of promoting access to the legal system for everyone.  Public benefit corporations are a new type of legal entity that considers factors such as transparency, sustainability, community benefit, and other social needs in corporate decision-making — not just profit for shareholders.  To actualize this goal we contribute 10% of our annual net profits to legal aid agencies in Florida.


Our primary focus are consumers and small business who represent themselves in legal matters. We provide tools and services to enable them to take action. According to the national Legal Services Corporation (LSC), for every legal aid attorney in the US, there are 6,415 low-income Americans who qualify for and need civil legal assistance. Additionally, LSC reports that 40%- 60% of middle-income Americans cannot afford counsel for basic civil legal problems. That means a majority of Americans are unable to properly address issues that affect their housing, medical care, disability access, veterans? benefits, domestic violence, employment and even the custody of their children  Not every legal transaction requires an attorney.  Very often if you have the correct legal information you can represent yourself. Automated legal forms make it easy to generate complex legal forms for self-represented litigants..


We offer free legal information and legal document preparation services for an affordable price for Florida residents powered by our SmartForms technology. We offer our services online throughout the State of Florida and in-person at our offices in Palm Beach County and Port St. Lucie county. Our SmartForms technology results in fast, efficient, and low cost affordable services without the high cost of a lawyer.

Our SmartForms system means you can complete your legal forms online by answering simple questions on your computer without ever having to leave your home or office.  Our team has operated legal document websites since 2001 and helped thousands of consumers save on legal fees using our SmartForms technology.