An Affiliate Program for Florida-based business entities that serve Florida residents.
It’s free to join, easy to get started, and easy to earn extra money from your existing client or customer base. No legal training required.

Consider the Benefits of Becoming a JusticeXpress Affiliate

As a JusticeXpress affiliate, you’ll have access to a wide range of JusticeXpress legal solutions that will help you develop your local business and drive traffic to your website. Apply Here.

Benefits Include:


Financial Benefits
Grow Your Business
Earn Money. Earn a 15% commission for every sale completed by a referral.
30-day cookie. Make money on sales made up to 30 days from the date your ad was clicked.
Easy Reporting Tools
Marketable products. Popular JusticeXpress products and services help people solve their everyday legal problems and drive traffic to and from your website.
Dedicated support. Our responsive affiliate team is available to help optimize your experience.
Growth potential. Become part of an innovative network of legal document providers.
Training. Unique online training program teaches you how to sell our services to your existing clients and customers.
Free membership. It's free to become a JusticeXpress affiliate.

You must be a Florida-based business to qualify for our Affiliate Program.

A Florida-based business is either a professional practice, like an accounting firm, or a retail location that serves Florida residents.

Because JusticeXpress is designed to serve Florida residents and small business, we are recruiting Affiliates who have either a Florida-focused website, or Florida-focused retail or professional practice, or both.

You can earn commissions for both online sales and offline sales using our unique coupon method.

Examples include:

  • C.P.A. practices;
  • Bookkeeping services;
  • Tax-preparation Services;
  • Financial Planners;
  • Mail Box Services;
    and other community-based service businesses that have both a retail presence and an online presence.

Also eligible are Florida companies who look for niche products and can build sites to promote these products.

Florida-focused sites or directories that are targeted and useful to online shoppers based in Florida are also eligible.

We provide robust reporting tools to keep track of your commissions and the customers who purchase from you.

We provide tools to help manage and drive sales.

Our reports provide real time campaign reporting for up-to-the-minute data on conversions, click rates, revenue, sales volume, traffic activity and more

Off-Line Sales

We expect that you will be able to generate off-line sales through face-to-face contact with your customers and clients using our Coupon system,

How It Works

We assign a unique Affiliate code to your that you can use with your customers and clients.

When you refer a client or customer to the JusticeXpress website for a purchase and tell them to use the coupon code we assign to you, your customer or client will receive a 10% discount from out stated retail purchase. You will also receive your 15% commission, Your customer and clients will always receive a preferred 10% discount over our retail prices by using your unique coupon code.

We provide a free online training program that will help you sell JusticeXpress legal documents to your clients or customers. Our training program will provide you with guidelines on how to avoid giving legal advice – which you are not allowed to do. Only a Florida lawyer can provide legal advice.

A. The JusticeXpress Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn a commission by promoting JusticeXpress services and products using banner ads or text links within your website and also within your office or retail environment.  Each time a visitor clicks on a JusticeXpress link on your website or uses a coupon code that you provide in your office setting to one of your clients or customers and completes a purchase, you'll earn money.

A. There are many benefits of being an affiliate! It's free to join, and earn money working with one of the fastest legal document preparation  companies in Florida.

A. No. Once you're approved, membership to the JusticeXpress Affiliate Program is free.

A. The Affiliate Program awards you a commission for sales made from your website or your individual retail or practice location. The JusticeXpress License Program is a completely different program and is designed for individuals who want to create a JusticeXpress law store under the JusticeXPress trademark using the JusticeXpress platform.

Click here for additional information on the JusticeXpress License Program.

A. You will need to complete an application. We'll review your application and notify you within 5-7 business days if it is approved.

Apply Here.

A. We review each application carefully and determine your eligibility at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject or remove sites at any time, for any reason. We are focused on identifying Florida websites, retail sites, or professional practices that service Florida residents and small business.
To learn more about the criteria we use in evaluating potential affiliates, please read the Requirements tab.  

A. For each completed sale, you earn a 15% commission. Government filing fees and product add-ons are not included in the calculation. Check the JusticeXpress Website for current product pricing. See table below for examples.

Retail Price
LLC Formation
Florida Incorporation
Last Will Estate Planning Package
Living Trust Package
Power of Attorney
Name Change