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The JusticeXpress Lawyers Network is an online directory of law firms within the State of Florida who offer fixed fee legal services to consumers and small business. We are working to identify law firms throughout the State of Florida that offer affordable legal services for a fixed fee. Many of these law firms offer what is known as “unbundled legal services” or “limited legal services” – a new way of delivering legal services that keep legal fees for clients manageable. Examples of “limited” legal services are:
  • preparing you to represent yourself in a court hearing or a mediation  (“court coaching”);
  • providing brief legal advice by phone;
  • assistance in understanding your legal problem and your legal options;
  • preparing pleadings and court motions for you when you represent yourself;
  • assistance in settlement negotiations;
  • custom drafting of legal documents. There are a growing number of lawyers in Florida providing this kind of limited legal service. Check out the JusticeXpress Lawyers Network.