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JusticeXpress is seeking Licensees in the State of Florida who have the capacity and desire to operate a legal document preparation service from a retail location. To discuss how you can qualify to own and operate a licensed JusticeXpress store — start the application process.


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JusticeXpress Licensees have the right to open one or more retail locations within an exclusive territory of approximately 350,000 in population. This population may be part of a single county in the State of Florida, but could be two or more counties depending on size and population density. This level of population creates sufficient market demand to support a single retail location that serves, typically, a single county, or a substantial portion of a large county. In other words, a 350,000 population base could support at least one retail location, if not more.

A JusticeXpress License is a complete package that enables you to operate a JusticeXpress retail store that includes a legal document automation system and Florida-specific forms, a management system, a marketing system, an Internet-based sales and lead generation system, and an in-store document preparation and payment system, plus the training you need to be successful.

Benefits of Becoming a Licensee:

Becoming part of the JusticeXpress network gives you the benefit of a state-wide brand that is known for quality legal document preparation, powered by a web-enabled document automation system. Our web-enabled document automation system means that you save significant amounts of time in generating legal forms and documents for your customers. Plus, our JusticeXpress web site is designed to generate leads to your store as well as generate online sales that you get credit for when the sales occur within your exclusive territory. No other legal document preparation company offers these features and benefits. Plus, there is no large up-front franchise or business opportunity fee.

Financial Terms:  Licensees retain 82% of gross income.
JusticeXpress retains 18%, after refunds and credit card fees. (See additional information below.)

This is not a franchise or a business opportunity. A License means that you have the right to operate a JusticeXpress store in perpetuity, as long as you meet our requirements. You can sell your License, subject to our approval, which cannot be unreasonably withheld.

There are no up-front fees. 

Our Ideal Licensee:

We are recruiting prospective Licensees who have experience in operating a retail location and/or have experience in working within the legal system, such as a paralegal or other law-related professional, and who have a desire to own their own business.
Experience in working within the legal system is desirable, but not necessary, as we train you in what you need to know to be successful.
Prospective Licensees should have a passion for enabling consumers and small businesses to represent themselves, save on legal fees, and obtain access to the legal system, at a price they can afford. You must be able to help people who are in stressful situations, such as a divorce or financial emergency. You need to have entrepreneurial skills, and a desire to work independently, while complying with the standards of quality that the JusticeXpress brand represents.

You do not need experience in working within the legal system to qualify as a Licensee, as we provide you with the training you need to be successful. There is no additional fee for the training we provide. We require that you become a Certified Member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. You will be able to qualify with the training that we provide to you. Bi-lingual capacity is a plus. 

Apply here to start the application process.

A License from JusticeXpress consists of a bundle of services, training and management support, use of trademarks, and a software platform that enables you to launch and operate a JusticeXpress retail store. Here is what is included:

1.  Use of the JusticeXpress trademarks and brand materials.

2. An Exclusive Territory of approximately 350,000 in population.

3.  The JusticeXpress document automation system and library of Florida automated legal forms that provides a complete product set for your store, including an in-store payment and management system. 

4. Quality review of legal documents prepared for your customers. All of the legal forms and documents prepared for your customers are reviewed by our team for quality and accuracy. This service is included in the 18% license fee.

5.  All sales generated by the web site in your exclusive territory belong to you, less the 18% license fee.

6. Training in using the JusticeXpress document automation system and how to run a legal document preparation business.

7.  Assistance in store design and store location.

8. A library/set of branded Questionnaires that you can use with off-line customers that map to our Online Questionnaires and Online Document Automation System.

9. Collateral marketing materials that you can use in your store to promote your business locally.

10. Assistance in marketing your store locally.

There is no up-front fee to purchase a License. Instead, you pay a monthly license fee of $75.00 for the first six months after you launch your store. After the first six months, you pay a license fee of 18% of net revenue (net of refunds and credit card charges). To qualify, you must have sufficient capital to lease and furnish a retail location, capital to fund initial advertising and marketing expenses, and capital to support yourself and your staff for at least a six month period until your store can become self-sufficient and generate enough cash flow to support you and all expenses. 

For a typical store, we estimate this capital requirement to be approximately $25,000.00, not including the cost or value of your labor. This amount is sufficient to cover rent, utilities, furniture rental, telephone, and Internet access for the office, as well as initial advertising.

The ideal store is less than 700 square feet, so the retail footprint is small and could be a section in a larger store. Assuming $22.00 a square foot for rent, annual net rental cost should be no more than $15,400.00 a year net of utilities, or approximately $1,300.00 a month. Realistically, it is difficult to find retail locations this small, so you may have to plan for a larger retail location, even though the additional space is not necessary.

We can provide detailed budgets after you apply for a License and have been accepted into the License Application Process.

The first step is to apply to be a Licensee. You apply here. Not everyone is accepted into our License Application Process. If you are accepted, you will have access to a secure web site which contains information on store design, store marketing concepts, training, the License Agreement itself, financial projections and budgets. The secure site is designed to provide you with sufficient information so you can decide whether a Licensed JusticeXpress store is for you. All Licensees must participate in a personal interview and are subject to a background check. As becoming a JusticeXpress Licensee is a selective process, not everyone who applies will qualify.