The JusticeXpress Document Review Process

JusticeXpress is not a simple do-it-yourself legal forms website.  Every form or document is reviewed by a member of our Legal Technician team before it is returned to you.

We cannot give you legal advice, as we are not a law firm. However we do a careful review of your work for completeness and consistency after your document is created using our automated SmartLegaLForms® system.

A member of our legal technician team personally reviews your answers and checks on the following:

  • We make sure that you have provided complete information. We’ll contact you by phone and email if there is any missing information.
  • Spelling and punctuation is double checked.
  • Correct capitalization and lowercasing where required.
  • Proper pagination and blank space elimination.
  • Complete words. We will edit out abbreviations or symbols when we find them.
  • We check to see if you satisfy the correct residency information.
  • Full names. We verify that full names are given (first and last) and that all names appear consistently throughout the document.