Eviction Defense in Florida

Eviction Defense Florida

Answer to an Eviction in Florida

Use this free Interactive Form if your landlord is evicting you for not paying rent and you have received an eviction Summons and Complaint and your time to file a Response has not ended.

You can use this form in any county in Florida.

You cannot use this form if:

  1. Your landlord is a public housing authority or you have are living in subsidized housing;
  2. If you are being evicted for any reason other than not paying rent;
  3. If you are being evicted from a mobile home park where you own your mobile home and rent the lot; or
  4. If you have already received a Writ of Possession.
This form was developed by the Florida Justice Technology Center.

3 Day Notice to Vacate - a Self-Help Video from Community LEgal Services of Mid-Florida.