Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Legal Document Preparation Services for Florida's Residents.

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What does “Try Before You Buy” mean?

Just what it says. You can insert your answers in our secure online questionnaire before you make a purchase.  When you go to Save your information, you will be asked to Register which will give you access with a username and password to your MyLegalAffairs account when you return to the JusticeXpress Web site. Your answers are saved and you can return any time you want.

You won’t be able to print or export your document until you pay for our services and we have reviewed your document and made sure that it is complete.

When you finish inserting your answers into the questionnaire and click on the Submit button, we get your answers and the document for our review, which includes making sure that you answered every question.

Because of our use of this document automation technology we are able to keep our fees low and affordable.

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1. Why do I need to register?

To help safeguard all confidential customer information, we must require you to register and log in to enter the MyLegalAffairs™ safe and secure customer portal. You can register and start answering questions in the questionnaire without making payment until you are finished.
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2. How do I register?

Simply click the Save/Purchase button within the Web browser where you are assembling your document. Then you will be prompted to register if you are a new customer. Registration requires your name, telephone, e-mail address, mailing address, and for you to create a private username and password.
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3. What if I forgot my password?

Not a problem. Click on “Log in” on the home page and select the “Forgot Your Password?” link at the top-right corner of the MyLegalAffairs™ client portal login page. We will e-mail the username and password to the e-mail address you used while registering for the JusticeXpress MyLegalAffairs™ customer portal.

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4. How do I change my password?

When logged in to MyLegalAffairs™ safe and secure customer portal, click on “My Account” in the top menu bar and verify that all of your contact information is correct. Under the “Update” button you will see a blue “Click here” to change your password link, then you will be prompted to enter your old password and new password to change it.
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5. I’m not a resident of Florida. Can I still get my documents through you?

Unfortunately, no. Our documents are specific to the State of Florida.
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6. How do I complete my forms online?

There is an easy to follow 3 Step Process.

  • Register and Choose a Service – Choose a document and enter your information in the Online questionnaire. You can work on a questionnaire without registering. When you are ready to save your data, you will be asked to Register. When you are ready to submit your document, you can buy the service. Register with your name and e-mail address. (This creates an account for you and enables you to save your data in the online questionnaire.)
  • Access your secure MyLegalAffairs™ page every time you sign in, with your e-mail address and password. Continue to complete your questionnaire.
  • Purchase selected documents when you are ready. Submit your questionnaire to our Legal Technicians.
  • Legal Technician Review – We review your questionnaire and create your documents and forms. Documents are returned to you through your MyLegalAffairs™ page ready for signature and execution, or when appropriate, filing in court.

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7. How are legal documents created?

Your documents are created with the help of our intelligent document automation technology, which asks you a series of easy-to-answer questions that tailor themselves to your circumstances. Each question is accompanied with explanatory notes designed to provide you with the information needed to answer the question correctly.

The information you enter will be stored securely online, allowing you to access and complete the questionnaire at any time. Once your document is created we will undertake further review. In some cases, our Legal Technicians will contact you for further clarification. We may call you by phone to talk to you directly, or set up an appointment to meet with us in our offices in Port St Lucie, Florida, if we think it is necessary.  We cannot give you legal advice.
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8. Which Web browser do I need?

The minimum browser requirements for creating documents on the Web site are Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above, Firefox version 3.0 and above, Chrome, or Safari. You can assemble documents and legal forms on a Windows or an Apple computer, including an IPAD.
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9. I don’t understand what a question means or is referring to.

Most questions are accompanied by explanatory notes designed to provide you with the information needed to answer the question correctly. A small “?” (question mark) icon by any question indicates that there is explanatory text to help you answer a question. Double-click on the “?” to see the help text; click on the “?” again to close the help text pop up box.
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10. I have a red asterisk next to a questions group after completing my document. What does this mean?

If you have a red asterisk next to a questions group, this shows that you have missed answering a question. Double-click on the questions group to view and complete any unanswered questions. Questions specifically listed as “optional” or that have help text indicating the question may be skipped or left blank can remain unanswered. Otherwise, complete required questions to ensure the accuracy of your document.
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11. What happens when my document is reviewed and completed by your company?

You will receive an e-mail advising you that your document is complete. The e-mail will either have an attachment with the finished document, or the completed document or form will be uploaded to your secure MyLegalAffairs™ page where you can download it.

Once your document is created, we will undertake further review. In some cases, we will contact you for further clarification.  You will be able to contact us at any time, by e-mail or phone, to discuss your information and/or receive additional information and instructions. We cannot give you legal advice, because we are not a law firm.
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12. How do I print my document?

Once you have logged into your MyLegalAffairs™ you will see a list of completed documents under the Document tab. Click on the assembled document directly and you can print a copy. You can also export the document to your desktop in MS Word or Adobe .PDF and print the document from your local printer. 

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13. My Account, Types of Services, Tell me more!

My account: Contains the personal details you entered when you registered with our company. From this section of the site you are able to view and/or amend any of these details.

My services: Contains an overview of services you have access to.

Summary: An overview of document templates (you have accessed) and documents in progress.

My Questionnaires: Here you can start to create new legal documents based on the documents you have selected.
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14. Safety and Security of Web Site. Is your Web Site secure?

We utilize the same level of protection and security that is used by banks and required by our national insurance company clients. Through our secure, state-of-the-art hosting facilities, our clients receive the highest data protection commercially available.

We provide an integrated system that allows authorized parties in and keeps everyone else out through the use of:

  • Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access;
  • SSL encryption to keep documents secure;
  • U.S. government-standard 128-bit AES encryption;
  • Site certificates to verify server identities;
  • Secure IDs to verify user identity;
  • Windows security to keep network logins locked up;
  • Intrusion protection against login attempt and unauthorized transmissions; and
  • Off-site data storage.

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15. Do you meet with customers in your offices? Can I make an appointment to meet with you?

We are no longer scheduling in-office appointments during this Covid Pandemic. However we can communicate with you just as easily by phone, email, and Zoom just as easily.

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