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Get Started with Your Florida Incorporation

Our incorporation service ($229.00) provides you with everything you need to set-up a C Corporation in the State of Florida.  State Filing Fee ($78.75) is additional. We offer a complete package to get your business up and running.

Delivery Time: 1 Business Day after State Approval.

Free Shipping of Corporate Kit and Documentation.

FAQ on Corporations

What's Included

Name Search

We’ll check to see if your desired name is available with the State. If it isn’t, we’ll contact you for alternate choices and keep working until we get a cleared name.

Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation

We will complete all the necessary paperwork to create a new corporation and submit the documents to the State of Florida for processing on your behalf. In most cases, your signature will not be required. Add $78.75 for State Filing Fee on Check-Out. Includes certified copy of Articles for your records.

Organizational Minutes

We’ll prepare personalized Organizational Minutes so you can properly organize your new corporation (including step-by-step instructions for properly holding this meeting), including provisions protecting officers and directors from liability.

Corporate Kit

Gold decorated 3 ring turned edge Binder with corporate name gold embossed on spine, 10 custom-printed numbered Stock Certificates, pre-printed Minutes and Bylaws, Stock Transfer Ledger and Specialized Index Dividers. Plus: - Corporate Seal engraved with corporate name - Included. - Binder Slipcase - Included.


We will prepare by-laws customized for your company using our SmartLegalForms technology.

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application Preparation

We will prepare and file your application for a Federal Tax ID (EIN) number. You will need this to open a bank account.

Additional Incorporation Documents Available

  • Shareholders Agreement   Where two or more people wish to carry on a business as a corporation, a shareholders agreement should be used. The agreement sets out the duties and responsibilities of the shareholders. The shareholders may be either all individuals or all companies or a combination of both individuals and companies.
  • Buy and Sell Agreement  Almost every business with more than one owner should have a buy-sell agreement. A buy-sell agreement is a binding contract – between you and your co-owners – that controls when an owner can sell his interest, who can buy an owner’s interest, and what price will be paid for that interest. Usually a buy-sell agreement also gives the company and its owners an opportunity to buy out an owner who has stopped working for the company or has died. By so doing it eliminates the possibility that active owners will be forced to share profits with an inactive owner or an unsuitable new owner.
  • Amendment to Articles of Incorporation  This document is used to amend an Articles of Incorporation. It is filed with the State of Florida and approved by the shareholders of the corporation and its Board of Directors.
  • Amendment to By-Laws  The form is used to advise the shareholders of a proposed amendment to the by-laws. Final approval is given when the shareholders approve the amendment.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money 100%