Everyone should have a Last Will. Don't delay.

Protect your loved ones with a Last Will and other essential estate planning documents.

Protect your loved ones with a Last Will and other essential estate planning documents

A Last  Will and Testament is the most commonly used estate planning tool. Many people use it in conjunction with other devices, such as a trust. It is a legal document, and through it, you can accomplish many things. You can give away your belongings, name a guardian for your children, cancel any debts owed to you by another person, transfer property into an existing trust, or designate a trusted person to administer your estate (called an “Executor”). If you care about what happens with your property when you die, even if you own only a small amount of cash and few belongings, then a will can reflect your wishes after you die.

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Why You Should Have a Last Will

The Executor of an Estate makes sure that your beneficiaries get what they are entitled to. Your Will appoints the Executor, often called the Administrator, of your estate.
Florida Last Will and Estate Planning Documents
Appoint an Executor of Your Estate
Choose who will receive property from your estate when you die. You can give away cash or property.
Keys To Your Estate
Decide Who Gets Your Property
For parents with children under 18 years of age, a Last Will will enable you to appoint a guardian for your child. You can also establish a trust within your Will so that your children do not receive any property until they reach an age that you determine.
Determine a Guardian for Your Chiuldren
Determine Who Will Take Care of Your Children
You can specify in your Will how your pets will be taken care of and provide for their continued well-being. You can incorporate language in your Will that will provide for your beloved pets.
Take Care of Your Pets

FAQ on Financial Powers of Attorney

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Are You a Candidate for our Wills and Estate Planning Service?

If any of these circumstances apply to your individual situation, you should not use our Wills and Estate Planning Forms.

  • You want to disinherit a wife or child from your estate.
  • You own property in a foreign country.
  • You or your spouse are citizens of another country.
  • You have significant assets. If you have substantial assets there may be additional tax planning issues that must be considered.
  • You anticipate that your Will may be contested.
  • You own a business, which is your major source of income, and it is a substantial asset.

If your personal situation has certain complexities such as those listed above, you should consider contacting an attorney to discuss your situation.


Last Will for a Single Person

Last Will Only
$ 69
  • Last Will and Testament
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Sent to you by mail
  • Free Revisions for up to 30 days.
  • Digital download and storage

Estate Planning Package for One Person

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$ 119
  • Last Will for One
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Pour-Over Will
  • HIPAA Authorization
  • Sent to you by mail
  • Free revisions for a year
  • Memorandum of Wishes
  • Digital download and storage

Estate Planning Package for a Married Couple

Best Value
$ 229
  • Last Will for Two
  • Two Financial POAs
  • Two Living Wills
  • Two Pour-Over Wills
  • Two HIPAA Authorizations
  • Sent to you by mail
  • Free revisions for a year
  • Memorandum of Wishes
  • Digital download and storage

Other Forms Available

This interactive legal document enables you to generate a Living Will and a Designation of Health Care Surrogate (Healthcare Power of Attorney), that protects your right to refuse medical treatment you do not want, or to request treatment you do want, in the event you lose the ability to make decisions yourself: 1. The Florida Designation of Health Care Surrogate lets you name someone to make decisions about your medical care, including decisions about life support, if you can no longer speak for yourself. The Designation of Health Care Surrogate is especially useful because it appoints someone to speak for you any time you are unable to make your own medical decisions, not only at the end of life. 2. The Florida Living Will lets you state your wishes about medical care in the event that you have an end-stage condition, become persistently vegetative, or develop a terminal condition and can no longer make your own medical decisions. A second doctor must agree with your attending physician's opinion of your medical condition. It is recommended that you complete both of these documents to best ensure that you receive the medical care you want when you can no longer speak for yourself.
This interactive legal document enables you to generate a codicil to a simple Will. A codicil is sort of a legal "P.S." to a Will. You can revoke a clause in your Will and then substitute a new clause, or simply add a new provision (such as a new gift of an item of property). A codicil must be executed with all of the formalities of a Will. It must be typed or computer printed, then dated and signed by you in front of three witnesses. Codicils can be sensibly used to make limited changes to a Will, for example, when you want to change who receives one item.
This codicil provides you with the opportunity of cancelling a gift that you have made in your Will to a particular beneficiary. In all other respects the Will remains unchanged.
A "Power of Attorney" is a legal document where one party (the Principal) authorizes another party (the Agent or the Attorney-in-Fact) to act on his or her behalf during an absence. "Durable" means that it is also effective if you become medically incapacitated. This is typically a coma or vegetative state which has been confirmed by your primary care physician. NOTE: This document does not authorize anyone to make medical or other health care decisions on your behalf. A health care power of attorney (also known as a Proxy or Advance Directive) must be created and executed if desired.
This Elder Care Agreement is used to establish the details of a service agreement between a Care Provider and an Employer, for the care of an elderly party.
This memorandum of wishes is used when the Will already contains a gift of personal chattels and directs the executor to a memorandum dealing with chattels that are not specifically referred to in the Will. A memorandum of wishes merely expresses the wishes of the maker of the Will as to whom the personal chattels should go. It does not interfere with or restrict the discretion of the Executors in any way.

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The Will was easy to do. It only took me about 10 minutes and it was very complete. The Will included a children's trust.
Jessica R
This was the most efficient and quickest way for me to get a complete set of estate planning documents for a reasonable price that included a review by a legal technician. This is more than a forms web site.
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