Free Florida Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

Living Will enables you to specify what kinds of actions should be taken if you are facing an end-of-life situation, such as whether you wish to remain on artificial life support or use life-saving measures. This is a very important document if you want your wishes to be followed. The Living Will allows you to state your wishes about medical treatment in the event that you develop an irreversible condition that prevents you from making your own medical decisions.

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The Health Care Power of Attorney (Included with Living Will)

Included in our Living Will Document is a Health Care Power of Attorney, which designates someone to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. Also known as a Health Care Proxy, this part of the document allows you to name someone to make decisions about your medical care, including decisions about life support, if you can no longer speak for yourself.

What's Included

Free Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

Free Living Will

Includes Health Care Power of Attorney
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