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Free Legal Navigator Service for Florida Residents: Setting You on the Right Path to Solve Your Legal Problem

When you are first faced with a legal problem, you are confused and don’t know which path to take.

Our new Legal Navigator Service can put you on the right path to help you solve your legal problem and understand your legal issue.

To solve your legal problem at the lowest possible cost, the first step is to look for resources on the Internet that can provide you with legal information about your problem.

There are many information resources within the JusticeXpress website that you will find useful, plus there are many other legal resources for Florida residents on the Internet that can be helpful in resolving your legal problem.

Often there are free resources and forms you can use to get your legal task done. Sometimes all you need is legal information to solve your legal problem.

Our Free Legal Navigator Service can help you identify legal resources on the Internet that can help solve your legal problem.

Different legal problems require different legal solutions. Sometimes just legal information alone can solve your legal problem. Or a legal form. Sometimes you need just a bit of legal advice to go down the right path. Or you may need what is now called a “limited legal service” or “unbundled legal service” from an attorney. Sometimes you need the full representational services of an attorney, and you will need to pay for those services by the hour if you cannot locate an attorney in your area that will charge you a flat fee. 

You may also qualify for free legal services if you are income eligible.

Our Legal Navigator Service is designed to guide you down the appropriate path to solve your puzzle. We are your personal Legal Concierge – helping you to find just the right legal resource that is appropriate to the kind of problem you have.

How It Works:

  1. Click here to register to access our Free Legal Navigator Service.
  2. We provide this free service only through the Communications function within our MyLegalAffairs platform by secure text or in person at our offices. There is a fee for this service when offered in your home or office as part of our JusticeXpress@Home Service.

Your Legal Navigator is not a lawyer so we can’t provide you with legal advice.

We can provide you with:

  • A review of the information you provide;
  •  Communicate with you to clarify questions, obtain additional information if needed, and guide you to resources on the Internet which can help provide answers to your questions; and 
  • Outline the general steps you can take to resolve your situation.
  • Provide information about alternative means to resolve your dispute or legal issue, including mediation and arbitration, if it might be appropriate;
  • Point you to resources  that explain your legal rights; 
  • Provide information about procedures for filing or serving documents (if applicable).
  • Provide information about where to go in the courthouse or basic procedural information (correct courtroom). 
  • Provide information about the courthouse, courthouse rules and protocol, and roles of courtroom personnel.
  • Assist you in understanding procedural posture of your case. 
  • Prepare you for what to expect at your court hearing.
  • Share available options about practical and process information to make informed decisions (but not identify or suggest option to influence); make appropriate referral if needed. Instruction: “you can do this” and not “you should do this.”


Legal Advice

  • We can also point you to online lawyer resources where you can purchase legal advice by the minute, if you feel that you need legal advice.
  • We can point you to legal referral resources if your case requires the full services of an attorney.

Your email address is always confidential and never sold or distributed to any third party.

This service is subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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