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Deregulation of the Legal Profession is Coming

There are de-regulatory actions and movements in some states to enable innovative legal service models that are designed to  close the Justice Gap. It is estimated that nearly 80% of low to middle incomes individuals and families cannot afford the high cost of legal fees. A Utah Task Force has

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Self-Help Videos from LegalYou

A Florida based law firm, IceLegal, has created a series of how to do it videos for its self-help law web site at  These videos were designed for Florida residents who represent themselves in court, but they are useful for any jurisdiction. Here are some of the most useful videos for self-represented litigants:

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Legal Information Website
Consumer Best Practices

How To Evaluate a Legal Information Website

There are now thousands of legal web sites on the Internet that range from non-lawyer websites that offer legal information and legal forms to law firm websites. To help users evaluate the quality of the legal information offered by these web sites, the House of Delegates of the American Bar

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Censored by Tenn Bar
Legal Profession Regulation

Tennessee Plans to Regulate Online Legal Software Publishers

Tennessee Seeks to Regulate Online Legal Software Publishers How is it that a publisher that sells or distributes online legal software for consumers is now considered the “practice of law” in the State of Tennessee?  Under a new regulatory scheme to be adopted by the Tennessee legislature,  the publisher of

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TIKD Services
Florida Legal Profession

Referee Rules Against Florida Bar in UPL Action Against TIKD Services

TIKD is a start-up based in Coral Gables, Florida created by Christopher Riley, not a member of the Florida Bar, which provides a technology platform and financial guarantee for drivers who have received a traffic ticket. The Service is offered in four Florida counties and in four other states. How

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