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JusticeXpress License Program

The Market Opportunity for Selling Legal Forms to Consumers and Small Business.

The U.S. is by far the largest market for legal services in the world. 50% of middle income households in the U.S. have at least one legal problem per year, and the market for personal legal services is estimated at $43 billion.


However, this figure does not include the value of under-served consumers. Many people handle their legal matters themselves – or don’t handle them at all due to the high cost of lawyers and a lack of accessibility. The size of this latent market is estimated at $45 billion, giving a total market size of $88 billion.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a growing billion dollar self-help publishing industry for legal forms, legal documents, and related services.

This represents just a fraction of the unaddressed market and revenues available to players who can enter the space and meet the demands of consumers and small business.

The time is perfect for a new technology model for individuals and small business.

JusticeXpress is offering a License Program to enable entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses to enter the legal forms market to serve Florida’s residents.  Our SmartForms technology offers a significant competitive edge in this market, providing state-specific, attorney-drafted legal forms and documents for consumers and small businesses.

Legal Document Assistants

If you are a Legal Document Assistant serving the public directly, our JusticeXpress Platform will increase your productivity and profit margins and insulate you from charges of the unauthorized practice of law from the organized bar.​

Other Law Related Professionals

Tax preparation professionals, real estate brokers, financial planners, title professionals, and insurance brokerage professionals seeking additional sources of income will find that our JusticeXpress platform is easy to implement and manage.

The License Program

Our License Program is not a franchise so you have a great deal of flexibility in integrating the JusticeXpress service into your existing business operation. There is no front-end fee – just a monthly subscription fee based on monthly sales volume.

If you would like a free consultation to learn more about how you or your organization can offer a legal documents service  contact us or complete this form:  

JusticeXpress licenses you or your business to offer legal documents and our other services from your place of business on an exclusive basis within an assigned territory. The size of a territory is approximately two zip codes, which is a large enough population base to create a sustainable business of reasonable volume.  This License is for your place of business only and is not license to offer legal forms and documents online, but you will receive 50% of the revenue from the sales of legal documents and forms from the JusticeXpress Web site from customers located within your territory. Your share of revenue from online sales from the JusticeXpress web site is not subject to the 10% royalty that you pay on offline sales from your place of business.

  1. The use of the JusticeXpress trademark.
  2. The use of the JusticeXpress SmartForms system to generate legal forms and documents for your customers within an exclusive assigned territory.
  3. Online training in the JusticeXpress SmartForms System and Service Delivery system.
  4. A dedicated online client and payment portal so you can deal with your customers online as well as off-line and process payments.
  5. A set of Questionnaires and Guide Books in .PDF that you can print out and use with your off-line, in-store customers.
  6. JusticeXpress marketing materials and recommended signage.
  7. Advice and support on store location and other methods of organizing a legal document preparation business.
  8. 50% of the revenue from the sale of legal documents and forms from the JusticeXpress web site from customers located within your exclusive territory.
  9. A Web Page on the JusticeXpress web site that shows your location, the services offered at your location, your biography, and any other information you want to share with potential customers.
    See sample page here:

There is no up-front Fee of a JusticeXpress License. Instead you pay a monthly subscription fee that is based on 10% of your revenue, net of credit card processing fees and refunds. There is a monthly minimum fee against which you receive a credit for the 10% revenue share fee. The monthly minimum fee is:

$400.00 a month for the first 12 months of the License Term.

$800.00 a month for the second 12 months of the License Term.

$1,000.00 a month for the third 12 months of the License Term.

If you achieve sufficient volume, your minimum monthly subscription fee is earned out and no long relevant.

Thus in the third year of operation if you generate $10,000 a month in sales, your $1,000 minimum monthly fee will be satisfied.

Credit card processing fees are approximately 2.6% and all sales are processed through our system.

To get started, your minimum monthly subscription fee is paid in advance. We can set you up in a business within 48 hours, although the training can take longer, depending how on how fast you go through our online courses. Our online courses are always available to you.

Online sales are made through this primary JusticeXpress Web site.  Under the terms of the License you are not permitted to create your own Web Site using the JusticeXpress trademark or the JusticeXpress SmartForms platform. We consolidate all online web sales into a single web site in order to maximize our investment in online advertising and content which generates traffic. 

Every Licensee gets a page on the JusticeXpress web site indicating the location of your office, the services you offer, and your background.

You also receive 50% of the revenue generated by online sales from customers located within your territory. You own these customers.

We retain 50% of the revenue in order to provide the required document preparation services, for Internet Advertising and marketing, and for the cost to keep the JusticeXpress site update and expand the legal content as more products are added.