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Avoid probate in Florida with a Living Trust. Our complete estate planning package will give you and your family peace of mind.

Advantages of a Living Trust

A Living Trust enables you to avoid the probate process, saving you legal fees and extended court proceedings.  In Florida, if you have to probate an estate and the value is over $75,000, you are required to use an attorney. This cost can be substantial. If you have a Living Trust, you can bypass the probate process and you don’t have to hire an attorney.

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Basic Trust for One or a Married Couple

Living Trust Only. Transfer Forms Included.
$ 199
  • Living Trust for a Single Person or Married Couple
  • Assignment of Property Forms

Estate Planning Package for One Person

Package for an Unmarried Person
$ 299
  • Living Trust for a Single Person
  • Assignment of Property Forms
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living Will (Advanced Directive)
  • Pour Over Will
  • HIPAA Authorization

Estate Planning Package for a Married Couple

Complete Estate Planning Package
$ 349
  • Living Trusts for Both
  • Assignment of Property Forms
  • Two Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Two Living Wills (Advance Directives)
  • Two Pour Over Wills
  • Two HIPAA Authorizations

Other Forms Available

Customer reviews

JusticeXpress provided clear instructions and guidance on how to transfer property to my Living Trust. Their work was produced quickly and was complete.
Samantha H
The JusticeXpress Living Trust was produced quickly and was complete. This is the best solution for bypassing the probate process. Cost was very reasonable.
Stuart G