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How It Works

  • You access an online questionnaire which generates a draft of the document you purchased.
  • Our legal technician team reviews your document to see if you have omitted critical information.
  • You can download your completed document from your secure account and print it out from your local computer.
  • We send you a paper copy by mail at no additional cost.  
  • See Complete Catalog of Legal Forms Offered Here.

Business Forms

In this category you will find all sorts of legal forms from Agreements and Contracts to forms to manage your employees.

Business Forms

Human Resources

Divorce and Family Matters

This category includes Florida divorce forms and other family-related documents such as a Premarital Agreement, a Parenting Plan, and a Marital Separation Agreement (MSA). Our Florida divorce forms can include a Marital Separation Agreement and all of the forms you need to file for a Florida divorce. Divorce forms from $199.00

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We offer a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Service for self-represented Bankruptcy filers for a flat fee of $395.00. Our fee does not include court fees, or online course fees in Debtor Education or Consumer Counseling (about $15.00 each). Get our free eBook on What You Need to Know About Filing For Bankruptcy.

Last Will

We provide all of the documents you need for a basic estate plan including the Last Will, a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney, a Financial Power of Attorney, and a HIPAA Authorization for a price of $119.00 for a single person or $229.00 for a married couple.

See All Estate Planning Documents Available

Living Trusts

To avoid probate and substantial legal fees in Florida when it comes to probating your estate, consider a Living Trust.
We offer a complete Living Trust Package for an unmarried person or a married couple that includes:

A Living Trust
A Pour Over Will
A Living Will/Health Care  Power of Attorney
A Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
A HIPAA Authorization (Patient)

You can purchase these documents individually, but the best value is the Living Trust Package either for an unmarried person ($299.00) or a married couple ($349.00).

Loans and Collections

Use these forms to document a debt from one person to another with a Promissory Note or a Demand Note, to collect a debt or an overdue payment, to secure a debt with a Security Agreement, or secure real estate with a Mortgage.

Free Legal Forms

We offer a useful collection of Free Estate Administration Forms to help you administer an estate for a recently deceased loved one and we also provide you with a Free collection of Complaint letters that you can use for everyday problems.

Name Change

Anyone can change their name in Florida if you are an adult ($69.95) or a parent can change a minor’s name ($79.95). If you want to change your name in connection with a divorce or adoption, the change of name should be requested as part of that case.

If you want to just change your gender marker in Florida, you do not petition the Court. Instead, you need a letter from a physician stating that you are “undergoing appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.”  You can get this letter here as well ($29.95).

Corporations and LLC's

We offer packages to create your Florida Corporation ($229.00 plus State filing fees) or Limited Liability Company – LLC ($229.00 plus State filing fees). 

We can deliver all of the forms to get your business up and and running within one business day after the State of Florida approves your filing. 

Personal Service Agreements

Landlord-Tenant Forms

If you are a landlord, you will find in this category a library of forms that you need to manage your property effectively.  This library includes:
A Residential Lease ($29.95)
A Lease Termination Agreement ($19.95);
A Sublease ($29.95)

If you are a tenant and have received an eviction notice, you can use this free Answer to an Eviction Notice form.

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Internet Law Forms

If you are creating a Website for your business and plan to sell services or goods through your website, you will need forms for your website that include a Terms and Conditions Statement, a Privacy Policy, and other forms to document your presence on the Internet as well as to limit your liability.

Real Estate Forms

If you are buying or selling property in Florida, we have the correct forms you need:

  • Agreement to Sell Real Estate

  • Assignment of Mortgage

  • Balloon Note

  • Discharge of Mortgage

  • Escrow Agreement

  • Offer to Purchase Real Estate

  • Quitclaim Deed

  • Warranty Deed